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Our approach

We offer an indirect service model that provides ready to go solutions that bring authentic change to your customers’ business processes. Our commitment to innovation means you are always ahead of the curve.

From seed concept to implementation and ongoing customer care and support, our scientific approach goes beyond a mere transaction to making a long-term commitment to your customers. Over the last 11+ years we’ve been a market leader, having supported the biggest players in the automation space. Like all high-end consultants, we are in demand and work with multiple clients.

Our indirect business model means we resell products and services for industry leaders. In fact there isn’t an automation challenge we haven’t been able to solve!

The relationship between JayB Enterprises and Tech By Design

One of the things customers love about us is our commitment to “big change” which brings real results.

This is made possible by the structure we operate under.

You may have noticed some of our staff work for both our brands. Owned by the same entity, JayB Enterprises primarily provides research and thought leadership in the automation and process management space. Tech By Design is where we action that thought leadership in the market. Tech By Design provides on the ground insights and feeds these directly back to JayB Enterprises for further refinement, research and innovation.

Your customers are at the centre of everything we do. And because of this continual flow and exchange of ideas and solutions, with us at your side, you are always ahead in the automation industry.

Our core values

We are a community of passionate people who enjoy what we do

We are innovation

Innovation isn’t just what we do, it’s how we think and how we view the world!

We are uncompromising in our integrity

Our word is our bond and our clients and team members can expect us to always act with integrity.

We are Musketeers

“All for one and one for all”, “Honour”, “Bravery”, “Humour”.
Nobody wins or loses alone at JayB and we support each other across teams and functions.

Our people

Luke Bartlett

Managing Partner

I lead the JayB Enterprises team from our Brisbane head office. I’m very proud of what we do, how we deliver to clients and the results we help them achieve. Across more than two decades I have enjoyed varying roles in start-ups, management, consulting and process re-engineering. I have led major digitisation, workflow and efficiency projects in the document management, workflow and efficiency space and have delivered keynote addresses for clients in Australia, Asia and North America. Although we started in the mining sector, JayB Enterprise’s DNA is in the office equipment space where we connect disconnected processes and hardware to people. We also work across numerous industries and take those learnings and apply them strategically. This philosophy guides our work at JayB Enterprises where we are committed, in the age of disruption, to connecting people to technology for better outcomes for them and the communities they serve.

Mark Charge

Mark Charge

Sales & Marketing Manager

You’ll want to work with us again, that’s what we aim for with every client engagement.

We are committed to finding a solution that fits your purpose. Coming from a family of small business owners, and now working with organisations large and small, I have seen the contribution hard work has in the success of any enterprise and I bring this dedication to the clients we serve. I help my clients achieve their goals, no matter how audacious, through thick and thin. Sometimes it takes tough conversations to get the desired outcome and we make no apology for never shying away from this. Having led teams in consulting, product development, work design, service design and the customer journey and spoken at conferences here and internationally, I truly believe we can always get the outcome required, no matter what curved ball the circumstances may throw at us.

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