We’re looking for more great people,
you might be one of them

Do you want to make a difference? Do you have a passion for serving others? Are you ready to take the next step in your career?
If you answered “yes” you might just be the next “great person” to join our growing team.

We offer a flexible environment and don’t mind if you work from home, on site or from a café.
It IS a great place to work where we look out for each other. Team is important. That said, working for us is not easy nor is it for everyone.

It’s not about hours required (our people work similar to industry norms).
It IS about results. The stakes are high. And for the solutions we provide, if we get them wrong, the consequences of are significant.

We don’t say this to “scare” you but to let you know the landscape we work in.
If you’re up for your next challenge, keep reading because…

People who join us typically display the following:

  • Inquisitive and like to challenge the status quo

  • Self-driven and motivated to develop and grow (either personally or professionally)
  • High levels of integrity to take ownership of projects
  • Passionate (not in the over-used sense today… our people care deeply about something and it may not just be about work, we want to see your spark!)
  • Connected locally (we work virtually in the cloud, so we want to know you’re grounded as well)
  • Align with our core values of integrity, community, musketeer and innovation

Why IT professionals join JayB Enterprises

What team members say about JayB Enterprises

In my work I have the ability to continuously learn and grow as an individual. I love being part of the collaborative effort required to achieve a successful project. On top of that it’s an inclusive workplace where the leaders appreciate their staff and care about our health and happiness.

Alex Carlaw, Consulting Team Lead

“We work closely with our clients to discover their own unique, best fit solution. There is nothing better than being empowered to impart your experience and watch a solution you have helped design take shape and be delivered in front of you. My work is exciting and varied and offers me a fresh challenge every day.

Clayton Dorrington, Senior Consultant, Perth

There is a lot of mutual respect. I love being able to ask anyone a question and not feel like a burden, everyone is always happy to help. I also love the flexibility of the working remotely with fortnightly travel to the offices. This definitely a place where my existing skills and love of technology can be used and enhanced

Nicquel Bentley, Customer Success Manager, Brisbane

I enjoy the autonomy and variety. I’m constantly juggling many different tasks (there’s never a dull moment – in a good way!). The culture is fantastic, success is celebrated, and everyone strives to deliver for clients. We are building a hugely successful group of game changers. If you want an innovative employer, and to work with a bunch of smart creative people, JayB is the place for you.

Ashleigh Rose, Customer Experience Team Lead, Brisbane

I love the high degree of autonomy I have in a fast growing and changing environment. Being able to manage and monitor a successful project from start to closure, brings a great deal of satisfaction. The businesses processes have opened my mind to new ideas, practices and methods.

Dylan Sait, Project Manager, Brisbane

I enjoy our customer facing approach and process and in particular our focus to genuinely help customers and deliver on our promises. We are a community of professionals that are always there for each other.

Gabe Dell’Olio, Consultant, Adelaide

I love being at the front edge of the technology space and working on dynamic and interesting projects. Other companies seem to silo their departments who take an adversarial approach but that just doesn’t happen here. It’s also great having access to the main boss who’s a thought leader in this space.

Matthew Christensen, Consultant, Brisbane

What interested me most was how dynamic the role is: I get to visit clients, work at different offices, take responsibility for simultaneous projects and find creative solutions. No two days are the same. The culture here is also unique, we are a close-knit group trusted by management and given high degree of autonomy which I’m happy to repay with hard work and loyalty.

Pablo Flores, Customer Success Manager, Brisbane

Join the JayB Enterprises Team

A role with one of our teams is a highly sought-after position. So if you’d like to be considered send your resume to us now at hr@jayb.com.au

Be sure to include a statement of no more than 100 words that sells us on why we should consider you. Good luck!